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1. Auction

Efficient and Cost effective.
Why efficient – that is arguably the largest used vehicles marketplace of Hyundai Glovis, Lotte Auto Auction and AJ. Over 30,000 cars are taken to the auctions in Korea every week that comprise the complete variety of models being manufactured in Korea even numerous foreign make models.

One of the big advantages – you can find what you want and accommodate your budget according to the numerous specs variation of the pre-owned vehicle of your interest.

2. Online shopping

The largest used car online platform in Korea, SKencar, has more than one million vehicles from all Korean brand being updated 2000-3000 different type of cars daily. It can be meant that most of Korean used car are gathered in this major online website.

All cars registered in this website are fully certified and authentic inspected by professional car inspector and KAIWA(Korea Automotive Inspection and Warranty Association).

Buying Korean used car through online car market in Korea is also good method to buy Premium used car.

3. Sale by order

Whenever the buyers provide us the specific request in a range of our capability, we will be able to find the right model in the fastest and the most cost effective way with our partner companies or Pickplus' own stock yard.

To start making our business process depending on buyer’s certain order, In Korea, there are various types of vehicles (400 names of vehicles, and listed up more than 2,000 models by their grade) in domestic market; the preference of the foreign market that can be diverse each other.


4. Supply of spare parts

Buyers who made purchase on our vehicle can be guaranteed that they can get necessary spare parts, genuine brand name and qualified generic parts, with the special price and the fastest shipment. We reserve and store many kinds of spare parts by our own dismantling system. We will load and ship into the container with buyer’s vehicles and arrange the shipment. Thus, our buyers don’t have to worry about making any of the extra arrangements.

5. Free Accommodation and transportation

If there are an opportunity to visit to our company in Korea for the purpose of purchase of our vehicles, our buyers will be provided the free accommodation and transportation for their business and comfortable stay nearby us. One of our staff members will provide escort service and support to help make them their best choice of which vehicle they make a purchase.

6. Consulting Services

We can assist our buyers with purchase and ship any type of good from Korea to the final destination, and give advises to them in the most cost effective way. If our buyers are in need of marketing material for the products of us, our marketing team manager will provide you fabulous booklet, catalog, brochure and so on, according to your preference, at small cost.

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